Our mission

is 'to provide professional support as required filling that resource gap'.
With 30 years combined experience in serving business professionals - our strengths include proficiency, attention to detail, meticulous, organised.  We can either work as Virtual Assistants (remotely) or onsite giving you the unique advantage of being able to scale up or scale down quickly to meet the demands of business.
At the end of the day - it's about you and making your life easier.  It could be as little as 2 hours a month or 10 hours/ week. Small or big projects.
Contact  us now for a chat on how we can assist with your everyday business requirements.
“Common scenarios where 'Resource Gap' can assist:”

Staff member goes on holidays
Need short or long term assistance for special projects
Emails out of control
Don't want to take on someone full time
Need someone to answer the phones while you're away on business or having a day out with the family
Behind in your invoicing - You just need to catch up so you can improve your cashflow
There's too many resume's to read - You need someone to cull and do some phone interviews

We can can help you manage all those tasks you don't have time
for so you can focus on your business and spend more time
doing the things that are important to you.
It's easy!  All you have to do is contact us today and we could be de-cluttering your intray tomorrow!